Examination of a Multi-ingredient Preworkout Supplement on Total Volume of Resistance Exercise and Subsequent Strength and Power Performance

Bergstrom, HC, Byrd, MT, Wallace, BJ, and Clasey, JL. Examination of a multi-ingredient preworkout supplement on total volume of resistance exercise and subsequent strength and power performance. J Strength Cond Res 32(6): 1479–1490, 2018—This study examined the acute effects of a multi-ingredient preworkout supplement on (a) total-, lower-, and upper-body volume of resistance exercise and (b) the subsequent lower-body strength (isokinetic leg extension and flexion), lower-body power (vertical jump [VJ] height), upper-body power (bench throw velocity [BTv]), and cycle ergometry performance (critical power and anaerobic work capacity). Twelve men completed baseline strength and power measures before 2 experimental visits, supplement (SUP) and placebo (PL). The experimental visits involved a fatiguing cycling protocol 30 minutes after ingestion of the SUP or PL and 15 minutes before the beginning of the resistance exercise protocol, which consisted of 4 upper-body and 4 lower-body resistance exercises performed for 4 sets to failure at 75% 1 repetition maximum. The exercise volume for the total, lower, and upper body was assessed. The VJ height and BTv were measured immediately after the resistance exercise. Postexercise isokinetic leg extension and flexion strength was measured 15 minutes after the completion of a second cycling protocol. There was a 9% increase in the total-body volume of exercise and a 14% increase in lower-body volume of exercise for the SUP compared with the PL, with no effect on exercise volume for the upper body between the SUP and PL. The increased lower-body volume for the SUP did not result in greater lower-body strength and power performance decrements after exhaustive exercise, compared with the PL. These findings suggested the potential for the SUP to increase resistance exercise volume, primarily related to an increased lower-body volume of exercise.

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